Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th

Today we took 76 4th graders here.... To see....

On a .....
For those of you that have not really put today's date together with this story, is the day before Halloween.
Some body at the aquarium thought it would be a good idea to let in any child who wore a costume for half price. I believe that call it "Scarium day." Several little kiddies participated. (not sure why they were not in school yet ). For that person I have composed the following letter:
Dear Aquarium Person who Came up with the Scarium Day,
I teach 4th grade and today we came to visit you. We had a great time and thought that scarium day was so creative. We however just came for a friendly little visit to learn about some cute little fish.
My favorite part was when our knowledgeable guide said, "Ok guys you have about 30 minutes, you can do what you want." I mean I only secretly freaked out a little because everywhere I turned this is the scene I saw...

Mrs. T
PS: Let's do it again next year.
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