Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fabulous Fall Fun

Turtle Power
There are some people who look at me when I tell them that I am a teacher in a "what the heck were you thinking" kind of way. No matter what I say to them about the joys of teaching they just don't get why I would purposefully choose to spend my day with kids all day long.
Well... I have a little surprise for you people. What other job can you do this in?

Yes. we are none other then the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Now, not only did we get to dress up like this for our annual Character Day, but we also were able to walk the halls of LCE proudly displaying our costumes.
So to those of you stuck in an office behind a desk I say, "Turtle Power"

Destination Unknown
After a fun filled day dressed as an Ninja Turtle I was not sure anything else this weekend could top the day, but there was some close competition.
Somehow I talked my Sunday school class into letting me plan a trip for everyone. Not only would this be trip, but it would be a secret trip or as we called it destination unknown.
Basically, this is how destination unknown works (in case you want to be a future event planner). You begin by selected a destination and then the destination becomes unknown to everyone else but you.
This particular Destination Unknown consisted of three parts. We will call them: 1. Stuffin our face. 2. Ridin on two wheels 3. Rollin on four wheels

Part 1- Stuffin our face
No good trip is complete with out food. So Cisco's was the wish to our command. Nothing like some good Mexican food to start off the night.

This is my new friend Casey. Her husband Ben has a problem. Once he gets his hand on a camera he can't stop taking pictures. This is an example of one of those pictures. I think they have therapist for people like you Ben.

Part 2-Ridin on two wheels
After dinner part 2 of destination unknown was reveled. A team scavenger hunt. Don't let church people fool you, they are some competitive jokers. Good thing we did not have any sweet old ladies with us, they would have been dust. Here is a list of our items we scavenged for:

___ A receipt for 50 cents worth of gas.
___ A disposable coffee cup with a business logo signed by an employee.
___ A take-out menu.
___ A free
promotional pen (must have company's info on it).
___ A one cent stamp.
___ A newspaper clipping of a women's event.
___ A 1980 coin (any denomination).
___ A family recipe from a local resident.
___ A carved pumpkin.
___ A bank deposit envelope.
___ A pizza coupon.
___ The business card of a gynecologist.

Take Photos of the Following:
___ Someone walking their dog. .
___ A stranger serenading your team with an instrument.
___ Someone with more than four children (including children).
___ Graffiti in a local business' washroom.
___ Someone 85 years old or older (holding their id).
___ Team sharing one soda (every needs their own straw).
___ A local town official.
___ Team receiving dessert complete with lighted birthday candle.

Speaking of sweet little old ladies. This is our new 91 year old friend. She helped us out with the older then 85 part of the hunt. She was so cute. She even wanted to change shirts for the picture.

Next came my grandmother to the rescue. She not only was walking her dog, but I raided her house and found pizza coupons, a newspaper, and a recipe. I tried to ask her for a card of an OBGYN, but she just was not with me on that one.

This here is my awesome team. Secretly I think we won, but the points of the other teams score sheets did not agree. (Mel and Earle I know you cheated somehow-God knows) Quick stop for a few more scavengers items.

This my friends may have been the funniest shots of the night. In the particular restaurant we went to search for graffiti in the bathroom wall, there was none. I first thought it would be a good idea to take a look in the men's bathroom.

My nose had other plans for me and I quickly ran out to pass the camera on to a more capable team member. He too saw not graffiti, but with the help of a handy dandy pencil in his pocket fixed that problem himself ;) Nothing like vandalizing a bathroom while on a church scavenger hunt.

Part 3 Rollin on 4 wheels

Our last stop was a local skating ring.

First I need some of you who were lucky enough to go on the FBC trip to Colorado with Earle to get an image in your head of him "releasing" his none skiing abilities on us and the mountain side.

Well, we almost had part duos. Those of you who need to understand that, did :)

Skating was tons of fun, but the memories of the night were what made the entire night a blast.

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  1. I can't WAIT to be a teacher- it really is the best job!!

    Sounds (and looks) like you had tons of fun with your destination unknown!

  2. Dear Donatello,

    I sure do think you are one of the funniest and craziest people I know. You definitely bring the fun and I would like to state again that I am so glad you blog all these activities so your people across the land can keep up with you.

    Love, JT

    P.S. Can I borrow your Big Bird costume for Halloween?