Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Ode to 2 and 7

I celebrated my 27th birthday with some very special people yesterday and there is nothing like starting off the day with your new Wii fit wishing you Happy Birthday!
27- The candles on the beautiful cake made by a great husband27- The number of minutes these two spent talking about Granger sports.

7-2= 5
$5.00- The amount of money she spent in Korea buying a shirt so she could dress like a present for my birthday.

5- The number of bible study girls that can fit on one couch.

5- The number of super cute presents I received!

2- A Wii character of Earle and I both

2- The number of chocolate birthday cakes we celebrated with!!

The number of some very random moments

1. Not sure
2. Earle's future in the hands of a cookie.
3. The big mess we made cutting the cakes.

4. Please notice my mother conducted the singing of happy birthday!

5. Apparently she did like chocolate cake.

6. Brittany getting rid of her hiccups drinking upside down.

7. Cho Hee's Dad (something about my family and funny faces)

Spending time with some special family and friends.
27, 000
The amount of money I plan to make from sending this in to America's Funny Home Videos (AKA-Earle hula-hooping on the Wii)

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1 comment:

  1. Girl, they did you right on your big day!! I loved this post so much. And how nice of the Wii to send it's wishes. Wii's are so thoughtful these days. I loved all the pictures, especially the random ones. I miss your family!!! Oh, and Earlie - I am so impressed with the cake. March 20th - that's all I'm saying. :-)

    I am so glad you had a great bday, friend!! Love you dearly!