Sunday, October 4, 2009

"The Cheerleaders Through a Bomb in my Window!"

In honor of October I tried to remember my favorite Halloween stories from the past. No sooner had my brain started to take the trip down memory lane did it land two Halloweens back to the fall of 2007.

When you teach school the holidays no longer dictate your plans for the night, but rather the time that you can be in bed often control the plans for the night. With that said, Meredith and I settled in for an exciting Halloween night that happen to be a Wednesday to watch some TV.

Because we are both so mature we thought it would be funny to try and scare each other. Some of our attempts included hiding behind the door and shower curtain and yelling boo! We were cool.

Despite all the fun we were having we headed to our rooms to go to bed and and I decided to try one last little trick for my roomie. I called Rachel, our other roommate, to help me with the plan before she got home

Meredith's room faced the front of the house with a window in the front. Rachel was going to park down the street and sneak up to her window. At the exact moment Rachel was going to bang on her window I was going to pull the power breaker! Our little trick went a little wrong during the process.

Rachel and I were texting as we orchestrated our plan. I tip -toed outside Meredith's door hardly able to contain my laughter. Rachel went for it. Several sounds then pieced my ears. I heard not only the expected scream from Meredith, but a crash too.

Meredith was screaming for me to come in the room. Now, I was standing right outside her door, but I had to wait a few seconds so she did not think I was in on the little joke myself.
You may wonder how you would react in a really scary moment.... with that said you don't want Meredith by your side.
I rushed into the room where I discovered all but her big green eyes were under the covers. She was screaming for me to turn the lights on but I was laughing to hard and I did not want her to see my face and ruin the joke. She refused to come out from under the covers. Mer was saying a few things I really can't put on here, but among other things she was telling me that someone had thrown a bomb through her window, maybe her cheerleaders! Our town is so unsafe and all, I'm sure this would be most people's first thought :)

She then slowly crept out one of her hands to reach her cell phone and call her boyfriend who lived 3 hours away. All this time I am laughing as quietly as I can when it hit me that my other accomplice was outside in the dark.

I was pretty sure Meredith would not be going anywhere so I went to check on Rach. When I saw her hand I suddenly remembered the crashing sound I heard. Rachel not only banged the window she banged right through it.

We got her to the sink and cleaned up her little cut. You know how you can feel when someone is watching you? That was the feeling we both got. We slowly turned around to see Meredith standing in the kitchen with us and the wheels in her head turning as she put together what had actually had happened. She was ghostly white and gave us both a few words to mull on for the night.

Meredith was safe from the bomb.

Rachel's hand survived

and the window was repaired!

Trick or Treat!

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