Monday, October 5, 2009

Here comes the bride....the bride....the bride...the bride

While driving home from Columbus yesterday Earle and I passed by the place we were married at. Through a chain of thoughts I began to thank about all the weddings I have been in and before I realized it I had a goofy grin on my face. I announced to Earle out loud, "I really like weddings." He looked at me as though I was speaking Chinese, to which I turned back to the window with my big old grin. Here are some shots from some of my favorite homeys' weddings!

Meredith and Russel are the most recent to join the club of weddings, but what a wedding it was.

This is my pretty friend Kelley and her husband Jonathan as they left their reception. There wedding was in December, and I thought it would be a good idea to wear open toes shoes to this wedding. I think I lost a toe to frost bite in the process.

Brittany and Meredith stopped to share a moment at her wedding. She has the best mash potato bar at her wedding.

Lacy and CJ were married on a beautiful July day in Athens. The scenery was beautiful and the the flower girls were unforgettable.
Group shot from CJ and Lacy's wedding. Those two girls are not as innocent as they look. During the prayer in the cermony something in their brains told them it would be a good idea to stick flowers down the back of my dress.

Melinda and Allen were blessed with a beautiful day and an incrediably backdrop. (I let them used my mansion to get married in.) It was such a fun reception that involved the father of the bride and groom dancing on chairs!

Mel found this cute umbrealla to showcase her new last name.

Meredith looked beautiful in her gown.

Brooke and Brian's entire wedding weekend was a blast. We had fun from the moment the rehersal started until we left on Sunday. Melinda almost died at Brooke's rehersal dinner because her tounge began to swell. I was the really good friend and took a video of the entire thing. That will come later.
Kimberly and Josh tied the knot July 4th weekend and it was a great celebration. She looked beautiful and they left in a really cool car.

Once you have been in enough weddings you have to get a little creative in your poses.

Have a great Monday!
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  1. I loved this trip down memory lane! You definitely need to make a blanket (pillows?) with all of your bridesmaid dresses. But you have to wait until I get look to begin construction in about 28 years. :-)

    These pictures are great. Ya'll all looked beautiful at all the many weddings!

  2. HAHAHA- I just laughed for five minutes. Also, don't forget the slightly pornographic photos of the bridesmaids from Lacy's wedding and the fact that those little girls stole our food/snacks and we all wanted (well, at least me) to punch them in the face.