Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo Fun

Last year I fell in love.

Not not with someone, but with something.

Photo name collages, how creative to take different pictures to form words. I quickly scoped out amy new find only to discover that if I wanted one I would have to spit out about $120!

Now I had a little problem with this. This averaged out to be $20 dollars a letter. I no math genius but 20 dollars a picture just seemed a little high, so I grabbed my camera and had some photo fun.

Here are the results...

The final product: At a whopping cost of 25 dollars!

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  1. I think I made my feelings known on your awesome name collage when I saw in and subsequently fell in love with it at your house. You are so creative! And frugal! And funny! (See list on your bday blog for more).

    Request for your next How-to: Microwave Coke Cake

    Thanks and amen

  2. These are so neat! I found your blog through Jenna's and in my time of healing from the stomach virus- that I wish I could say I caught from one of my Kindergarten students- I read every entry and noticed you are an ADPi alum- me too! This totally makes me want to read your blog that much more!