Monday, October 19, 2009

No Pictures Post

Yah for a relaxing Fall Break (minus the 8 hours of sitting in grad school on Saturday) with some good surprises thrown in there.

First let me begin by explaining why there are a lack of pictures on this post. I let Earle have the camera. I think he forget to take the pictures on Saturday due to the fact he was tyring to tune us out and watch football.

I forgot about his picture taking skills and put him in charge again on Sunday, silly girl! Well as it will soon be seen he was zoom happy and got me and Booke, AKA, Cho Hee's heads, sort of.

Meredith came in for a visit and where you find Meredith you will usually find many friends and some good wine. They both came my way on Saturday night and poor Earle had to try and watch TV through the chatter of 5 girls.

We caught up, laughed, watched you tube videos, and just acted like girls!

On Sunday, Cho Hee's flight landed safely and Earle and I were sure to go with Mom and Dad to meet her. We also might have had a embarrassing sign for her when she got of the plane, but those zoom happy pictures will come later.

She had a great time in Korea and even ate a cow liver. Gag me!

Have a great Monday!

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1 comment:

  1. So glad Cho Hee made it home safe and sound. And that ya'll had a good Fall break!

    I miss you people!