Monday, November 2, 2009

On a Boat for Halloween

It's funny how time just slips away from you.

Our Halloween decorations are in the attic.

The ladder made it to the house but somehow time flew by and before we knew it Halloween was over with our decorations in the attic.

I guess we have high hopes for next year.

Halloween entitled a serious of random events that can be summarized into a few fun events.

First came class. I not quite sure that I would call this fun, but it was an event none the less.

Second came some scary movie bonding with the family mems as we watched a boot leg copy of Paranormal Activity.

I then headed to the mall to find a last minute outfit to wear for some more family bonding time: portraits. (more of that to come later)

Now, I'm not really one to watch scary movies but Halloween makes you do some crazy things. As if Paranormal Activity was not quite enough scariness for one night we then rented the Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Yes I slept with one eye open.

Although all the scariness seemed to rule the day, we did manage to break away and make a fun video.

Courtesy of Aunt Teri

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