Monday, November 30, 2009

Sorry November

Dear November.

I apologize.

I have neglected you.

The following may have contributed to my lack of interest in writing about you.

I present in no particular order, November

Nov 29th-Put up all the Christmas decorations in our Pajamas.

November 16th- Decided we needs some new floors (see finished product above)

November 31st- Wanted to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree with Earle and Smokey. What you want and what you get are two different things. The angle is terrible ,but I could not resist putting in on here anyway. I knew a second picture was not an option. Please notice they are both silently protesting in their own ways.

November 15-30th- Earle has decided that in order to get ready for the winter months he is going to grow out his beard. You know those 60 degree Georgia winters can get cold! Everytime he passes a mirror he puts his hands in his pocket and smiles at himself.

November 21st- Had grad school class from 9 until 4.

November 29th- Rescued all the Christmas decorations from the attic. Took some time to turn Smokey into a reindeer. Don't think he liked it.

November 28th- Surprised Mom with a trip to see the Rockettes perform at the Fox in Atlanta for her birthday!

November 24th-Steve and Maria made the long trip from Statesboro to spend some Thanksgiving time with us.

November 26- Happy Turkey Day! Always so much food, we are so blessed.

November 30- Worked on a research paper I put off until the last minute. Imagine that. 20 pages into the first draft!

November 25th- Had an appointment with Earle's KLS doctor to see whats really wrong with him. (insert laugh here) Basically he has milk in his gas.


November 23-34- New floor instillation begins. We discovered this pretty little thing in the kitchen. Dad voted we should mop it and just save the money. Sorry, couldn't do it. (It smelled so old)

November 22- Did a little room redecorating.

November 18th- Looked at 9 different floor samples for 4 long hours to try and pick out the best.

Until next Year!

PS. Lets not forget Aunt Teri and Mom's version of the Rockettes

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  1. Earle's outfit under the christmas tree is pretty...did he dress himself??