Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend in the Boro

On Friday, Earle and I loaded the car and let it do its' thing. We headed to the Boro to meet up with some long lost friends and family.

We rolled in at about 9 to our first destination, the honeymoonin Russell and Mer's house. We also got a double surprise. Josh and Kimbo came to enjoy the food too. They cooked up a storm for us, and let me say I don't think there were any left overs.

We caught up and covered topics that ranged from Willie Nelson to Christmas stockings. It's such a blessing to have friendships that fall right back into place no matter how long its been since you have seen each other.

On Friday we had the friends covered, so Saturday we dedicated to spending time with the Tanner Klan, young and old. We celebrated a late birthday complete with cake and ice cream.

Next, Andrea and I snuck off for a little sister bonding time at one of my favorite places, the winery. We too covered a range of topics, which we will keep off the world of the internet. : )

We ended the day with some chili, football, and girl gossip.

On Sunday, Earle and I packed up the car and let it do its' thing.

Successful weekend indeed!
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