Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Say Cheese

My family's last family photo looks something like the one below. Expect for I had thick glasses, a mushroom haircut, and all four of the girls had feathered bangs we proudly displayed. Though our 1985 picture is certainly a good topic of conversation it was about time to get a updated version.

We meet at some beautiful land to photo some memories. A family member, cousin Buffy, that is trying her hand out at photography helped make it happen and what a great job she did.

You can't tell it from the pictures but it was about 50 degrees. What we do for beauty!

This is where the coldness finally got to us and we had to get close. Brooke missed the memo

Buffy also wanted to practice for some upcoming engagement shots. We gladly helped her out and pretended to be engaged again. She even let us bring along our little furry friend.

She did a fantastic job and I'm sure you will be seeing some of these soon through the form of a Christmas card.
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