Monday, November 9, 2009

Did they Really Just Score Again? Really?

I am not what you would call a sports fan.

Yes, to the average Joe you I might have you fooled. I attend my fair share of football and baseball games, I married a baseball coach, and occasionally I found myself watching a game of football, but the truth of the matter is I have no idea what is going on.

Except for a annual cross town rivalry that sparks some sports emotions I forget are in me until that day. Every year two high schools in our county battle it out.

I just have happened to graduate from one of those high schools and Earle just happens to coach at the others of these schools; house divided I guess.

Unless you grew up here its really hard to explain to someone the roots of the Troup verse LaGrange rivalry. You pretty much growing up in this town really disliking the other team. You just have to live here to feel the emotion.

This is the one game I look forward to every year because in that small chance that we beat LaGrange it is a great year for braggin rights.

Brooke and I geared our selves up with jackets, smiles, and a plan to sneak into the game. After grabbing a quick dinner we proudly displayed our Troup colors as we found some comfortable seats.

This game also requires some time management skills. Put in lamond terms: get to game early or you will not find a seat or a parking place.

This is the stadium an hour before the game started. Tellin you this is some serious football. It was not long before I spotted my friend, Spacey Casey, an her adorable mini me, Sarah Kate.

Brooke and I paused from the football frenzy for a quick second to snap a photo. This was when we were still hopeful for the game.

In remembering the fact that I don't really watch a lot of games per say, I will say that I do enjoy seeing the artistic minds of the cheerleaders. The Troup LaGrange game breakthroughs always bring some over the top wording.

After the breakthrough things pretty much went down hill from there. LaGrange scored, then they scored again, and then again after that.....and so on you pretty much get the picture from here on out.
So until next year. Go Tigers! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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  1. Sadness!! Well at least ya'll can say ya'll were the cutest girls at the game! So sorry Troup did not pull out a W - and I know somewhere in Nashville, a little short blonde girl with a pretty singing voice (and a weird ferbie speaking voice) is probably smiling. Ha! Love you dear friend o' mine.