Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Got Fur?

No these are not the two winners of the cutest kid contest, though it may be hard to believe, they are two of my favorite people! Please meet Tanner and Taylor, our niece and nephew. They not only light up every room they walk into, but they always come with energy and a smile.

There are sure to be more stories about this little duo please enjoy story 1- You got Fur?

While enjoying a nice summer day in the pool with Steve and Earle you could see the wheels in Tanners head start to turn very fast as he explored his surroundings. Upon looking up at Steve's armpits and noticing that there was hair under them he asked. "You got fur?"

To this he lifted up his arm to check for fur.

With all of us laughing uncontrollably he then turned to Earle to say, "You got fur too?"
How can you not love kids?


  1. They just get cuter!!

    That story is hilarious - and remember how after that he pointed to your legs and said, "Brittany got fur too?"

  2. Awww...too cute & funny. Kids do indeed bring a unending source of entertainment to the table.