Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shhhh Greys is on!

Yes I will admit it, I am a Greys fan. This was not all was the case. In college Greys Anatomy was on Sunday night which also happen to be the same night as Alpha Delta Pi meetings. My senior year you could say tha I had somewhat of an important role in the chapter that required my weekly attendance. Those good old Alpha Dootie Pootie days, in Jenna's famous words! So not much TV watching was going on those nights.

Then came Julie AKA Stewart's' wife to the TV life changing moment rescue. She insisted that we all watch the season finale of season one.

This is Julie and her special Grey's Anatomy glasses.

Now I must admit I was not quite ready for how serious those Greys fans were. As we sat down to watch the episode at good old Merrywood (please see picture below) little did I know that I would have to sign a contract ensuring that I was quiet for every second that the show was on. Apparently this unspoken contract exist among all Greys watchers, I almost lost a tongue once for using my cellphone while Meredith was watching an episode. Those Grey's Anatomy's fans don't play!
Now it is not quite the best time to begin watching a show, I mean the season finale, but my life does not always make the most sense anyway. This particular episode involved a bomb and that's about all I can remember. I sure you notalk contract people know exactly what I am talking about. The episode must have done the job. Despite the fact that by the end of the night Julie had found the duck tape for my mouth I was all but hooked.

After several seasons later I now understand the need for duck tape sometimes when those
"other people" just can't be quiet. (Not that I live with one of those people or anything)

I may be forty-seven weeks pregnant. I may be on bed rest. I may not be able to see my own feet. But I AM Dr. Bailey. I hear every thing. I know every thing. I'm watching each and every one of you. And I will return.
Miranda Bailey

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  1. That cake looks fantastic!! I'm a total Grey's lover too. Tonight was so good!

    Check out my blog... I left you a little something :)