Friday, September 25, 2009

Nashville in the Minivan

As I was driving home today I happened to pass a family in a minivan and my mind instantly went back to one of the funniest moments of my life.

Last spring a group of my favorite people and I headed off to Nashville Tennessee to toast the "Wildest Women in Nashville Melinda" before she was off and married. Because we have some many connections we scored no other than a dvd playen mommie cam spying minivan to take on our trip.
Melinda started off driving and needless to say her reputation as the wildest women does carry over to her driving ability. At the threat of us having to stop to take Dramamine she agreed to cool her jets in the backseat and let someone else drive. If we only knew what was coming next!

Our friend Brittany so happily agreed to take over the wheel and we soon arrived safely in Nashville. The only excuse I can give to what happens next is that perhaps we had just been in the car too long.

The directions to our hotel were a little confusing and the Memaw Van got a little turned around. We made an executive decision to pull into the next gas station to get directions. Now let me set the stage for what is about to happen.

7 Girls
1 Minivan
4 Lanes of Traffic
1 Fire Station to our Left with a trusty firefighter

Brittany happened to glance to the left and noticed a fire station with a nice firefighter outside talking on his cellphone just minding his own business, little did he know. In order to get in the driveway of this fire stations a very very tight turn would have to be made to the left across two lanes of Nashville Traffic.

Now I am not a mind reader or anything but I think the following thoughts went through Brittany's head during that moment, Hey there is a fire station and a nice firemen that looks like he could help us. Here we go. Uh oh I think the minivan is on two wheels, Yikes there is the curve. Oh crap I can't block the fire trucks, better just pull up on this hill and bounce over the ditch.

Now from the mind of the firefighter, Look at that van, surely that are not turning in here, what the...?

Now from my mind. Oh my gosh I can not believe that she just jumped the curve to pull into a forestation and now we are straight up parked on a hill in a minivan in Nashville!

After completely realizing what had just happened without missing a beat all of us ducked at the same exact moment to hid our faces while Brittany proudly jumped out to get us directions. (I love Brittany) I am not quite sure if Britt noticed the stunned looked on the firefighters face but we were sure to capture it with our cameras. What we then heard was even more funny that the Evil Knievel act we had just preformed.

Brittany - "Excuse me sir, I am a citizen in need of service and you are a public servant."

With the same what in the expression on his face the nice public servant sent us on her way where we arrived safely in Nashville minivan and all

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  1. Oh my word, I can totally hear her saying that! That girl is hilarious. And I bet that wasn't the only funny memory made with THAT crazy crew. Nashville was never the same after that weekend.