Sunday, September 13, 2009

What’s Wrong with Him?

This is the story of Smokey Joe Tanner Bartley Tanner

Back in December of 2005 Earle and I realized that it was one week before Christmas and we did not have Steven and Maria, his parents, a Christmas present. As we slowly walked through the Statesboro Mall, it hit us. We would get them a dog. I mean who would not love a new puppy!

So thus the puppy search began and quickly ended with the only add in the newspaper. Two days before Christmas we drove to pick up our “Perfect Christmas Present.” The only way to describe the furry creature that we picked out was love at first sight. I was not technically allowed to name him because he was not mine, but I’m sure that I came up with a few names for their new pup. As I spent more time with my new love I began to realize that in two days I would be giving up him. After all we didn’t have a back up present so he had to give him up.

The excitement of Christmas was quickly approaching us and we devised the plan “Operation Dog.” We hid our little bundle of joy until the perfect moment. I slowly descended the steps with puppy in hand and smile on face. The emotions that were felt by the new proud Tanner parents could probably not be put into words, but their faces told it all “What in the world have they done ;)” As the proud new Mama and Daddy bonded the name of Smokey Joe Tanner was created.

For those of you who know Smokey he is for a lack of words a little different. His unique personality and the combination of his new parents was not the best match. Three months into his new puppy life of dreaming of bones Smokey became a little hard to handle and thus the first of many… What is he doing? questions started.

To help ease the puppy growing pains I was reunited with my fluffy friend as a foster mother. Through many more What is he doing nights I turned into his new mother and thus we now had Smokey Joe Tanner Bartley.

For those lucky enough to spend any time with Smokey I hope these picture bring back memories and for those of you who don’t know him here are a few of his What is he doing ? moments brought to life.

He likes to eat spikey pink balls.

He thinks he can fly though windows.

He likes a good Coke once in a while!

He prays to God.
He plays dead.

He loves Christmas!

He ponders life.He sings.


  1. Bri, I am literally CRYING I am laughing so hard.

    As one of those "lucky enough to spend any time with Smokey" readers, I have just been taken down memory lane and have fallen in love with crazy Moke-Moke all over again.

    That boy is one of a kind. Just like his parents (the first AND second set).

    Love ya'll!

  2. I hopped over from Jenna's blog! Just wanted to say hi. Welcome to the blog world!!! The dog is so cute!!!!! :)

  3. I just found your blog through Jenna's too! Yay for starting a blog =]

    Your puppy is the cutest little thing EVER!!!

  4. Found your blog through Jenna's also! Welcome to the blog world. Your dog is so cute! = )

  5. What a dog! So cute! Any friend of Jenna's is a friend of mine!

  6. I love it! Keep blogging - I will definitely visit often :)

  7. What an adorable puppy :-) Just popped over from Jenna's blog to say hi!