Friday, September 11, 2009

Toyko Japan

In teaching 4th grade writing you learn that inspiration can come from anywhere. Little did I know that the muse behind this blog would be a husband who is sleeping an average of 20 hours a day, a knock off of the Fast in the Furious in Tokyo Japan, and instant messaging on facebook. You never know what a Thursday night will hold friends! Now the explanation for the randomly listed items above:

1. Sleepy Husband
Earle has Kleine Levin Syndrome and has been sick. See website if you want to know more:
While in these episodes he tends not to make the most sense (though that could be on a normal day too). He was “watching”/staring at the TV last night…

2. Fast and the Furious in Tokyo Japan
He choose to watch not just The Fast and the Furious, but The Fast and the Furious that took place in Japan. Needless to say I was pumped. Some how I managed to pull myself away from good old Japan and……..

3. Facebook Message
Decided to see what was going on in the world of facebook. About 300 miles away a good old Jenna was doing the same thing. Our paths crossed on the world of instant messaging and soon we were caught up to the events of the week. Blogs became the center of our typing date and we decided to have a little fun with Earle. Upon asking him what I should name my blog if I created one, he replied without missing a beat, “Tokyo Japan” and then gave me a big Earle smile!

So as they say, once upon a time in Tokyo Japan


  1. Well, well well....God wasn't kidding when He said He works all things together for good - even sleeping husbands, random movies, and good ole FB chat.

    I'm so glad the outcome was Bri officially entering the blog world! LOVED this post and REALLY love my sweet Tanner friends!

  2. Wondered over from Jenna's blog!! Can't wait to follow along!! :-)