Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trip to the Boro

It all started with a quick trip to the gym. I ran (get it) into Brittany B. and we began to plan a small mini vacation to see Meredith in Statesboro. I rode over a day early and got to spend the morning with Meredith. Here are some of my favorites moments of a very fun trip!

Meredith got a job teaching 5th grade next year! So happy for her. We headed over to the teaching tree with a list and Russell's credit card :) She was quick to remind me not to mention that part to him.
A few hours later the rest of the crew made their appearances- Melinda, Leah, and Britt. Brittany thought I would look better as a moose.

Our wonderful host made us chocolate chips goodies and fresh fruit. The cookies were gone in about 10 minutes.

After we spent some time talking we headed out the door to go grab some dinner. I can't go to Statesboro without eating at a little place called El Sombrero, aka Mexican Heaven!

To make the night even better, Kimberly and Jenna came to eat with us.

After dinner Mer and Britt decided to go bush diving in front of El Som. If you you want to know more about that you will have to ask one of them!

The next day we had one exciting event after another planned. We started off with a visit to another wonder place to eat, Heavenly Ham. Melinda was so happy.

On to the next stop, Splash in the Boro. Who says 27 year olds can't have fun at a water park. We went down the slide more then once, floated in the crazy lazy river, and relaxed by the pool.

I snuck away from the pool for a little while to see my favorite niece and nephew, Taylor and Tanner. We played Wii, dress up, and enjoyed a little Popsicle action!

Everyone meet back up at the house for showers, and we headed for Savannah. We had no real plan in mind so the night got interesting. We started off on river street where we had dinner at 2 different restaurants. The first one had awful service so we left and had a wonderful dinner at Tubbys!

While eating dinner we hatched a plan to take a ghost tour! Thanks to Mer's new friend, Droid, we were able to find the perfect tour and we were on our way.

Can't be to careful when it come to ghost gear.

We hated to say goodbye, but we had a wonderful time! We made the long trip back across the state and ready for the next adventure.

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