Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shopping 101 with Meredith

This is my friend Meredith. There are not many memories that I have from the past 15 years that don't involve her in some way.

She has a way of getting herself into some pretty interesting situations, and her questions never seem to amaze me.
For example....
A few years ago Meredith and I took a trip to Statesboro. Me to see Earle and Mer to see Russell. We decided to meet back on Sunday afternoon to ride back home together.
One of us suggested that we meet downtown in a store called Paper Doll. When it was suggested Meredith made a funny face and said, "We can go, but those people in there are kind of snobby."
I did not pay her comment much attention but kept it in the back of my mind. I have been to the store several times and did not remember them being snobby.
We headed into the store where a big sale was going on. Meredith and I began browsing the store and picking a few things out. Across the room I kept hearing her comments.
"I mean why do they even have these clothes out."
"This are cute, too bad."
"Don't even look at these clothes."
I slowly turned around and gave her a funny look. I walked over the the rack to see what she was talking about.
I finally just asked her what she was going on about. She pointed to several clothes and told me that I could not even try them on because they were not even for sale.
I looked around for a few more clues to what she was talking about. I looked above the clothes and saw a sign that read:
New Spring Collection
Not on Sale
It slowly began to click in my head that the store was having a sale. I then realized what Meredith thought when she saw this sign.
New Spring Collection
Not FOR Sale.
I began to laugh and pointed to the word ON which I repeated several time, "It says NOT, not FOR."
I saw the light bulb click in her head to which she started laughing too.
We quickly headed out with no clothes- for or on sale.
I was reminded of this story because a few weekends ago Mer and I went shopping again. I suppose they knew she was coming because they had a sign posted for her when we walked in the door!

Love You Mer!

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