Thursday, June 17, 2010


I began grad school classes Wednedsay for my leadership degree. So here is a little recap on the day.

Syllabus says class begins at 9, but I need to meet with my principal. The only time that would work between now and next week was this morning at 7.

Alarm clock and Coffee!

Head to LCE to meet Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Thorton. Have a successful meeting.

Leave just in time to make it to class by 8:55.

Observe no one else seems to be here and the doors are locked.

Few more people show up-feel little better.

Now 9:25
25 minutes pass class to start.

Send out text message- "What times does this stinkin class start?" to a few others.

No Answer

By now 4 of us have showed up.

Thought: Dr. Patrick changed class to 10am last semester maybe we missed the memo.

Sit at coffee shop until 10. Still no other classmates.

Decide to check e-mail to which I find:

Class will begin at 12:30 tomorrow not 9:00

Make a really mad face.

Got back in the car drove home to take a nap.

Finally made it to class at the right time.

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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