Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Words

7 years ago an event was unfolding- that God used to change who I was, who I would become, who I am trying to become daily.

I was awaken by a phone call on June 5th that two sorority sisters of mine had been a car accident. Amanda had been killed on impact and Corrie was in critical condition.

Shocked continued to wear on me that day and a sadness consumed me up until the day of the funeral

I will never forget setting in a packed church and listening to Stewart preach about how Amanda’s life and death was going to be like a ripple in a pond-going on in all directions and causing change in people.

I sat in that church and made a decision to commit- to God-fully.

I always told myself I would fully commit to living for Jesus when I got a job, then it became when I got married, and then when I had kids.

God grabbed onto my heart that day and reviled that tomorrow is not promised.

Amanda was in her early 20’s, and her tomorrow was not promised, but she was fully committed to her Savior.

Don’t wait.

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