Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Going to the Chapel

A few weeks ago I noticed my phone had a few missed called from my friend Lindsay. I was very happy she called, but even more excited about the news she was calling about! She was engaged!

Lindsay was not only my college roommate, but played a big role in my spiritual life. I am so happy for her and Justin.

To make things even better she invited me to a day of dress shopping with her mom and another one of my favorites, Jenna

Jenna and I were quite the help and inbetween finding the perfect dress, shoes, and flowers we paused for the occasional picture or 5.

Lindsay mom was a wonderful host for the day and a fashion finder.

Since we were not allowed to take pictures of Lindsay wearing any dresses this was the next best thing. You just have to use your imagination.

Things would not have been a true reunion if we did not take a few moments to be our silly selves.

We made do with a car dressing room and after a few wardrobe changes the pictures began!

Lindsay and Justin are to sweet and I can't wait for all the wedding celbrations.

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