Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the Season

Can you guess what this spells?Thats right, it spells LCES! Compliments of the 4th and 5th grade teachers.

One of my favorite things about my job (besides the whole reach a child thing) are the people I work with. There is always a bright smiling face roaming somewhere on our hall or a funny story to share at the lunchroom table.

Every Christmas we like to get together and celebrate a little, and this year was no different.

On Friday at 2:45 sharp we made a b-line for the door to get "our party on!"

As mentioned before, we really don't ever get together without some sort of food involved.

Amy was estatic over her cute snowman. He even makes a few pictures during the night.

Kanada has been trying to steal one of these from my house since she saw it a few months ago. I decided it would be better if she had one that said her name on it, not mine.

Since Brittany had been at Quantum training all day, I decided not to make her pause and smile.

Anne was very happy about her candle and book.

Kim loves music. Kim loves i-tunes. Kim loves her gift card to i-tunes. We love the cookies that Kim brought. (pictured below)

Christy's toes and eyes were happy. She was all smiles about her pedicure gift certificate and the magazine to compliment it!

This is the contest winner for the cutest coffee cup! It is the perfect gift.

After the gifting giving portion of the night was coming to a close, it was time for, well I am not really sure what happened at this point. We figured out the timer on the camera and the pictures will speak for themselves.

1. "Ah, let's take a cute group picture."

2. "Oh cool, let's try to spell LCES."

3. No comment (please notice that Anne and I are about 1 second behind)

I can't comment on the picture above, but I can say that when ever this wonderful group of ladies get together we don't do anything but laugh. Merry Christmas LCE girls!

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  1. Bri my love, this post made me so happy!!! Ya'll are the cutest bunch of teacher's I've ever seen - what a fun group! Love all the pics - LOVE Kanada's present! And that last pictures...well I can only imagine who spearheaded that one. :-) Love you Bri! Miss you!!

  2. P.S. just saw your comment on my blog....can I interest you in a coaster instead????