Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now

Some things we know about Brooke:
1. She likes to pretend she is Korean
2. She makes really good Buffalo Chicken Dip
3. She just moved into a cute little house!

Brooke and her friend Jessica moved into this darling little thing. I was given the grand tour of the place when I arrived and even got to meet their ghost they have living with them, Mr. Willie.

Fresh in her moving clothes I caught her proudly displaying her keys and her cute new bedspread. (

Our tour then took us into the living room to see the stylish decorations of Brooke and Deb.

Brooke, Jessica, and Mr. Willie -
I hope you make many fun memories in your new house ;)


  1. Man I look rough...blaming it on Mr. Willie

  2. Yay Brooke! So exciting and I love the house!! And really, what is a little ghost action when your house is that cute??