Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Yesterday was a Monday all day.

There was a one particular moment in the day that made me forget it was Monday.

It involved my students, a cell phone on vibrate, and the fire alarm.

Each month we have fire drills at school. The kids have been doing this since Kindergarten so they pretty much know how it goes. I just happen to have my cell phone laying on my desk yesterday. It was turned to vibrate. I usually put in in my purse on on the mouse pad in case it were to go off. Yesterday, I had it sitting on my computer, when what you do know, it rang.

Normally, I would just walk over, cut it off and that would be that, but yesterday, as I walked over to the phone to cut it off, I turned around and all my kids were walking very quickly to the door.

Thinking that somehow they had managed to all come up with a plan to escape class as the very exact moment I turned my back, I asked, "What are yall doing?"

With a very puzzled look they replied, "Fire Drill!"

I must say that it took me a minute to stop laughing. They all thought my phone going off was the fire alarm.

After I composed myself we all starting laughing.

It's good to know they are good a prepared for a fire.

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