Monday, December 21, 2009

Progressive through Some Food

On Saturday, we had a progressively good time with some Sunday school friends of ours. It was decided to spread the Christmas Cheer at three houses by celebrating with a progressive dinner. We ate way to much and laughed just as hard.

The feast began with a colorful spread of appetizers at Lindsay and Foster's house. Some of my favorites included: Heathbar Apple Dip, Fondue Cheese, and of course some Mexican Salsa.

After stuffing our faces full, it was on to the next stop. Adam and Amy did a fabulous job with the main course. Casey's casserole was even edible. We enjoyed a fantastic main course of some good old southern cooking. Chicken, corn, mac and cheese, and green beans.
The set up was better then a five star restaurant and the service was great too.

Lastly, my favorite meal of the day, dessert! We scurried off to Jack and Sara's house to enjoy a spread of deliciousness that included cheesecake and homemade hot chocolate. I tried one of everything.

Now, our Sunday school class agreed to celebrate the real reason behind the season......presents : )

I'm just kidding we love Jesus also. We had a very "colorful" gift swap that left a few embarrassed.

Adam and Amy paused a moment to proudly display their new gifts......

Not sure which part of the progressive dinner I would entitle this, but Jack showed us how he likes to dress up as an old women and dance around his house singing Christmas music.

The food was wonderful and good times were had by all.

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  1. Ya'll are just too fun!!! I am glad ya'll have found friend in the LG that are just as crazy as you are. Love you!