Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coincident: I think not

If I ever take a step back from the big picture and look at how God uses small moments to get something done, I am always amazed. What we like to think of as coincidents are actually a plan working itself out. I had one of this realization today, and the sequence of events made me do nothing but smile.

Four of five months ago a meeting was schedule at my school. Among other things on the agenda was a reference to a website that our local library was in charge of. The site allowed library members to download books. A few days passed, and I tried it out only to fine that my library card would not let me in. I made a mental note to stop by the library (which I have not been to in several years) and get it taken care of.

Meanwhile about 536 miles away in Statesboro my friend Meredith (seen on the left) had been suggesting to me that I needed to read a book by some King something person. I too made a mental note to check on this when I had the time.

3. After several more weeks of my same old routine I finally took the time to stop by the public library and renew my library card (which they now have on key chains) before we hit the beach for spring break. I picked out a few of my favorite authors forgetting all about Meredith's suggestion.

Spring break came and went and we spent one of those nights with Meredith and Russell, where once again the book came into my path. A copy of one of the books by this author was sitting on dresser in the room we stayed in. I caught the full name of the author to remind myself I needed to try and pick up a copy.
When I returned from a much needed break a nice little jury summons letter was waiting on me. Jury duty 101 was in my near future.
To tell you the truth I was a little excited about Jury duty. I sat for several hours in a room with nothing more then TV and stale air. We were released at 11 and had a 2 and half hour lunch break. I thought to myself where in the world am I going to go for 2 hours and sit. Then it hit me: the library of course.

After playing on the Internet and searching though some books, God brought a thought to me-Meredith's book. I strolled on over to the K section and after a few minutes of searching I found the book she had suggested. I checked it out and headed back to my jury room.

I began reading the book last Monday and finished it up on Saturday. The book followed a young couple, who with God's guidance, overcame obstacle to make their marriage work. The part that really spoke to me in this book was the way that God spoke to the characters though bible verses. They called on him during difficult times and he provided scriptures to them.
I knew this would something I needed to work on myself. I wanted to be able to call on scripture in times of need.
This is where God leads me into the last part of this story, but not the last of it.

In Sunday school we were asked to take an index card and write down a measurable goal that we wanted to accomplish by the first day of summer. It took no longer than a minute before God spoke loud and clear to me.
Learn my scriptures

Now the next part of the journey starts ;)

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