Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watch your Step

I think it is funny when people fall down. It matters not if they are my best friend or some poor strange on the street. They fall, I laugh.

Some may cause this immature, but I like to think of it as a good sense of humor. I knew it would always come back to get me soon enough.

My pretty friend Jenna has a few of the best falling stories I know. I was a first hand witness to one of the times. I still laugh out laugh every time I think about it. She tells the story with great detail. Please read here. I can also remember being outside the biology building at Georgia Southern one day when again someone fell down, and I could not contain my laughter. It was a rainy may day and this innocent little college student hit the wet payment and books went a flying! I did manage to ask her if she was ok and wait until she walked inside before the laughter began. Again, I still laugh out loud when I think about her falling down.

This takes me to part two of the blog.

We will call it Payback.

A few weeks ago I decided to go out and enjoy the nice spring weather with a little walk/run with the dogs. Everything seemed to be going perfectly fine until... I'm not really sure what happened.

There I was minding my on business walking down the road when some how I manged to just fall down. Nothing in the road, no distractions, nothing, I was even walking. I hit the ground with a roll and thud. It was as if an invisible foot has crossed my path to trip me up.

I was greeted by the dog looking into my face with a "what in the heck" look on it. To which I did what I do best when someone falls: I started laughing.

I could not stop thinking about how funny that must have looked to anyone that saw it. I mean one minute up and walking and the next second down!

The laughter was premature because of the damage done during the fall.

I managed to scrape my legs right before our beach trip and....

break my I-pod all in one fall.
All is good though because it still works, just no screen anymore.
Sadly to say, I will continue to laugh if you fall, but you are welcome to do the same at me.

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  1. I confess to being a laugher too, and I defiantly laughed WITH you at the thought of that. :-)