Thursday, December 9, 2010


Brace yourself for what is to come.....

I warned you. Last night I retreated back to my childhood and played a little bit of dress up. There are several reasons I have this outfit on.

Well to begin, at school I volunteered to work car riders this morning. In case you have not looked at the temperature lately it was about 30 degrees this morning.

I am also joining in on some family fun this weekend, and we are going to Snow Mountain to go tubing, so I asked Earle to get the ski stuff down from the attic.

It also just so happened that he brought me home a prize last night for my graduation from school. He got me this hat to keep me warm at school.

Well it only took a few minutes before I had everything on and could not stop laughing. I had to show it to someone so I texted it to my boss with the captain "Ready for car riders!"

I decided to leave the goggles at home in fear of scaring 100 elementary students and their parents this morning t 7:15. Decided it might be a good ideas to put on a little warmer shirt this morning and the hat made an appearance as well.

It was freezing this morning, but at least I got to sport my new snow gear!

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