Monday, February 15, 2010

Backfire of a Plan

Listening to a professor for 5 hours may sound like fun to some people, but I do not particularly fit into that category.

During my class on Saturday my brain started wondering all over the Internet. I came across a pet adoption agency and found a ball of fur that tugged on my little heart strings. This adorable small find was Cliff the Cocker Spaniel.

A plan quickly came to mind. I posted a link to help find Cliff onto Earle's facebook wall. I thought he surly could not miss the hint then. I have a dog who I love very much so this "hint" was nothing more then a way to pass the time in class. Little did I know!

A few days later Cliff had been forgotten when I learned of a new word: Goldendoodle- a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Seems that all the dog wall posts have sparked a doogie nerve in Earle's heart.

A student of his was in the process of trying to give away their 2 year old Goldendoodle, Rusty. I approached the situation very carefully asking the most important question first: How much does he weigh?

The response I was given by his student was about 40 pounds. Earle teaches math support classes so that should have triggered something right there. They also e-mailed me a picture of Rusty so that I could too see how cute he was.

After receiving the picture. I responded with just one word, precious. (He looked about 40 pounds to me)

Fast forward a few hours later after a long day of teaching and a good run at the gym. I walk into the kitchen and find....
The real 70 pound Rusty looking up at me. Getting a dog without really thinking your getting a dog can be a little shocking to the system. I was a little quiet for a while to say the least.
Now that I am settled with the idea that Rusty is joining our family things have settled down a bit. He is a wonderful dog that makes me want to send Smokey to obedient school!
They are getting along great and becoming good friends.

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  1. Oh Brittany - he's cute! You'll love your Doodle. We have a labradoodle and he is clever, loyal and easygoing.