Monday, January 18, 2010

Small Neck-Big Mouth

When I was young I chocked on a the bone of a catfish,

When I was about 10 I decided it would be a good idea to put a game board piece in my mouth, and again, I choked on that.

In college, I freaked myself out and had trouble getting a piece of salad down, to which I thought I chocked.

I diagnosed myself with a small esophagus and just decided to take small bites.

With a slight fear of choking all my life I decided to stay with liquid forms of medicine. This can be a little strange when a 27 year old pulls out her cherry flavored liquid Tylenol to take for a headache.

I recently hit a milestone in my pill taking journey and taught myself to swallow a very tiny pill each day. it continues to be a struggle on some nights but I fight through it.


what seemed like a typical Thursday night in our house turned into another documented sign that I do have a small espohagus.

I was talking my usually nightly very small pill when it get stuck. Stuck in my throat that is. After a few seconds I realized that I was not dead, but this little thing was uncomfortably lodged in the side of my throat.

We did what any mind abling citizen would do at this point...googled it.

"Pill stuck in Throat" came up with lots of hits.
Some of the advice included:
eat applesauce
drink water
eat bread

After trying a few of these with no luck I decided to jump up and own on the bed hoping I could force it down or maybe stand on my head to make it come back up.

At 10 pm I was still not dead so I decided I would just have to wait for the stubborn thing to dissolve. I put on my pajamas, tucked myself in, and somewhere during the night the pill continued its journey down my digestive track to the correct place.

Maybe I should google small throat disease.

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