Monday, November 22, 2010

Its a Celebration!

Over the past few months I took my camera to many different birthday celebrations. They stayed on my camera for several months after that. My poor computer died and so once again the birthday pictures had to wait to make their debut.

I finally had the time to download them to my new computer and here is what I found.

Kristy, my sister, had a birthday in July. I don't remember if we did anything for her birthday, but here is a cute picture of her anyway.
Dad turned the big 6 to the 0 this year. We did what we do best and snuck around his back to plan a sweet 60th birthday party. It involved dancing the Aunt Teri and Mrs. Mike and cupcake smelling just to name a few events.

Dad turned to so old this year he was allowed to have 2 parties. This was his 2nd party at Jin Express!

Next, Momo (pronounced Mawmaw-see why I can't spell) had quite a little shin dig! We partied like rock stars with her little friends. She is the one trying to hold that sweet little man's hand while his wife looks at her funny :)

Last, but not least, my cousin Danielle came by from college to celebrate another birthday! She was so excited she could hardly keep her eyes open.

Happy Birthday all you summer birthdays, sorry it took so long that it is now winter!

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