Monday, May 3, 2010

Greedy Golf Ball Man

Earle turned 27 on the 26th.

I asked him if he wanted me to blog something special for his birthday.

I did not get much of a response from him so I decided to wait until a good idea came my way.

It would not be like Earle if somehow he did not manage to give me a good idea through one of his crazy adventures.

Oh did he ever come through.

Early Saturday morning he and 3 other guys decided to play a little round of golf. After hitting the first tee they discovered that had all hit their ball over the fence around the course and into a field.

Earle nominated himself to jump the fence and get the balls. He located every one's golf balls and then "he got greedy."

As his eyes scanned the field to much delight he found golf ball cemetery. He then began to pick up as many balls as he could hold.

As he reached down to pick up the last ball a flash of black lighting caught his eye. Coming at the speed of Cheetah was a dog on a mission: to get the golf ball man out of his yard.

Without much thinking, Earle took off running and almost cleared the fence.

He did a little tuck and roll action and landed on his back - manged to do some pretty good damage to his hand and leg.

5 stitches later the story is something we can laugh at. I imagine it to be something like the scene from Sandlot when the boys hit the baseball over the fence.

He has claimed revenge on the deadly pup the next time he plays.

So happy birthday Earle and thanks for always making us laugh!
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